Friday, 15 February 2013

My Learning Goals For 2013

My Writing goal for Term 1 is to automatically use the right language that is connected with the writing genre. I will achieve this by using deeper thinking and understanding what the author is trying to put across to their audience.  

My Reading goal for term 1 is to read more sophisticated books suitable for my age and also to read fluently. I will achieve this by reading more books that challenge my mind in my own time.

My Maths goal for term 1 is to be above the national standard. This means to know how to understand maths language and to also be able to revise over my maths skills. I will achieve this by listening and taking in what the teacher says during our maths sessions.

My Personal goal for term 1 is to join into sports with confidence. I will achieve this by not being shy and giving it a go! This means having self-confidence.
These are my learning goals for this term and I am willing to every thing I can possibly do to achieve them.

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  1. Beautiful presentation Faith,
    It is very neat and straight forward.I like how you explained why you want to achieve them and how you're going to achieve them.
    Awesome work,keep it up