Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Big Stunt

    The Big Stunt.

I was waiting at the top of the highest ramp at the motor cross dirt track, I was thinking of what stunt I was going to make. When I looked at all my fans screaming at the to of their lungs screaming out my name, I didn’t want to let them down SO.... I was wanting to take the biggest risk and have my name published in news papers “saying that I broke the worlds #01 stunt record of the world”.

Now was the time to make my stunt of my life so I went off and went as fast as lightning flickering at night . I shivered with fear thinking of falling off my motorbike or landing it and making my fans proud, my heart pounded faster and faster as every second of this special moment went past.

I was now finally up in the air going to do a back flip and then an unbelievable super man2000 into the gusty air with her motorbike, I landed with an extraordinarily 50 vertical bunny-hop. The crowd screamed rapidly as if they had seen Micheal Jordan take a slam dunk and made the final goal. YYEAAAAA!!! The screamed and just then I though I was deaf just for a second, listing to the screams witch were extremely loud.

As I came off my motorbike feeling like butterflies were flying in my stomach, knowing how many smiles I put on little children's faces, and knowing how happy I made others as well.