Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Autobiography.

This week I presented my autobiograpgy in front of my class. There are some personal information I have deleted beacuse I'm being cyber smart.

Who am I?
My name is Faith...
Faith, As we know ‘Faith’ comes from the bible, it means to believe, trust and also to have  confidence in yourself.

Background Information.
I am Cook Islands, Samoan but born in New Zealand, Auckland, and my nationally is New Zealand.
I believe in our heavenly father and his son Jesus but I also believe that, you don’t have to go church to believe in our heavenly father, all you need to do is pray, read the bible and believe in him through 
your heart.
My likes and dislikes... Well to tell the truth I like all the people who dislike me because they show me what NOT to be and that I can be better than them. Number two I LOVE, ADORE and HONOUR our dare Heavenly Father and his son our saviour because they are the the to main people in my life that help me through my ups and downs. My dislikes I don't like small spaces and I am scared of death, and also family DRAMA!

I am the eldest child of three and also the eldest
grandchild on my fathers side and second eldest mothers but first female grandchild on my mothers side but the first female.

I only have two siblings Bruce and Eve and my loving parents who look after me, care for me and support me.
My family is a legacy, miracle a gift from god

2000 - I was blessed with a life and brought into this world by my two parents.
2001 - Just spent a whole year of my life being spoilt, loved and cared for.
2002 - When I was 2 years of age I started growing my first set of teeth and also saying my first few words.
2003 - I attended Kindergarten at the age of three
2004 - 12 January, 2004 I was blessed with my one and only brother: Bruce. 
2005 - I had just turned 5 and started my first year in primary... at Pt.England
2006 - I moved schools and attended Bailey Road School in Mt.Wellington
2007 - 2007 for Christmas I went to Rarotonga with my mum, Nana and her partner. 
2008 - my mother gave birth to my youngest sister: Eve 
2009 - my parents got married. And at the end of the year I moved to Tamaki Primary School and my teacher was Ms.Wareham
2010 - My love and passion for food has began. I Know I want to be a chef. 
2011 - was my last year of primary. also I achieved an award for excellence in writing in our yr 6 prize giving 
2012 - Last year I attended my first year in intermediate and I was one of the very first yr 7 students at T.P.S
2013 - I am currently at my last year in intermediate, in the best class with the coolest prettiest teacher... MY ADOLESCENCE BEGINS.

Education history.
When I was at the age of 3 I attended Kindergarten. At the age of 5 I started my first year in Primary at Pt.England, than 2006 We moved schools and attended Bailey Road School in Mt.Wellington. And now I am attending T.P.S 

When I grow up I would LOVE to become a head chef of my own restaurant, run my own business. Why? well because I am always eager and passionate about cooking and experimenting with food. I want to look after myself financially, have the money to look after myself and to be able to cook for others. I strongly believe that when our parents are older their children should look after them, pay their bills, cook their food and clean their house, because when we were young they did the same for us... 

Steps on how I will achieve my future aspirations.
2013 - Complete my last year in intermediate.
2014-2017 Start my first year in college... Subjects that I will need to take are; home economics, culinary arts, science, mathematics and English.
Finish my last year in college, graduate and leave with high marks.
2019 - enrol in university... And study, study, study!
I predict, pray and have my fingers crossed that I will at least be a chef that I wanted to be. even though I might not have my own restaurant but I will keep working on it.

My inspiration is my mother and also my family, they are the superheroes to my comic book, they encourage me to keep striving for what I, want and always tell me that I can achieve the impossible.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Room 7 Netbook Learning.

Press play to find our how netbook learning looks like in our classroom with the use of our classroom site. We hope you enjoy our movie!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

John Pule

For reading this week, our task was to create a popplet about an individual.
Our individual was an artist of the pacific, better known as John Pule.

Friday, 8 March 2013

My Four Walls Of Self

For two weeks my class has learnt about Masion Duri's theory and model about 'Te Whare Tapa Wha'. We were required to come up with our own symbol and use this as a metaphor to describe our four walls of self. 

Here is my presentation about my four walls. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My Seasons Poem

We had to write our own metaphor poem own seasons metaphor poem, describing a tree going through each season.
Here is the one that I have created...

Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Poem

We had to write an inspirational poem about someone in our community. Take a look at mine...

Saturday, 2 March 2013

T.P.S News 2013!

Our T.P.S Media team have completed their first T.P.S News for this year. Press play and enjoy.