Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My Marae Recount

It was 9:15 when we all got ready to go down to the hall and prepare ourselves for
our senior syndicate trip to Orakei marae. As we were walking down to the hall I
couldn't stop thinking about the fun day ahead of me. When we all got there, we
could see that everybody was excited about our first trip to a marae. Finally the
buses arrived. When we got to Orakei, we all got welcomed on to the marae by Whaea Celeste. After that, we all went into the whare and then kaumatua William said a speech. when he had finshed saying his speech Arapeta said a whaikorero and and we had all gave him all of our totoko. when he finished saying his whaikoreo, we all sang and danced to Mihi Mai Ra.

It was now time for morning tea, so we all sat down and ate our healthy lunches.
Morning tea was over and all the boys went with Kaumatua William to learn a haka
and all the girls went with Whaea Celeste to learn how to use poi, rakau and putting
three waiata together and making them short. We all watched a movie about poi.
When the movie finished we all split into three groups. The first group danced
with poi, the second sang and danced and the last group danced with the rakau.
As we were dancing with the equipment we had, we also sang the three wiataia
at the same time. When we were practicing our waiata a ringa and our waiata
we all encouraged each and every person in the whare.

It was our final break which was lunch time. We all ate and played. When lunch time
was over, we all went back into the whare and showed our items that we
had learnt. Finally it was the girls turn to show the boys our item. My heart pounded
with fear and excitement at the same time. All that you could hear was the guitar
playing and all the girls singing. It was a fun and a great time for me. When we had
finished our performance the boys showed us their mighty haka with kaumatua William.

Our day was now over, so to end off our day we showed the tangta whenua
our own waiata and our waiata a ringa that we had learnt at our marae. When we had shown them our waiata and our waiata a ringa, Whaea Celeste and Kaumatua William
gave us some feed back about our performance. The thing that I enjoyed them saying was that our haka group was great.

Now we had to go back to school, so we waited for the buses inside the
whare kai. When we got back to school I just couldn't stop thinking about
my wonderful day at Orakei marae.

This is Me

I am Faith and I like my netbook because it is a fun and and exciting way to learn.