Monday, 14 November 2011

My Fitness Log

From my data I can see that in the first few weeks I have improved but through out the other weeks I may have not ran as excellent as I may have before

My fitness goal is to improve my fitness data so that it will go higher and higher each week, and also to run more then 10 times around our rugby field for 12 minutes.

Friday, 11 November 2011

My Beautiful Place

Far beyond the sea of the world is my beautiful place, So if you want to know more about my beautiful place then read through these magical paragraphs carefully.

It was one bright Saturday morning, and as I took a look outside my bedroom window I could see the flow of sand drifting through the cute baby's little fingers, little girls dressed in stunning island costumes, as if they were going to dance at a show and old people walking velvetly with their canes and walking sticks.

I heard my mum calling me from a far distance telling me to get dressed. I took one step outside our house door and I could hear the soft voices of old people talking to each other, the happy laughter of the little ones and mostly, the amazing sound of my grandfather and his 6 brothers strumming the guitar, ukelele and the beat of the island drums playing from the heart. It felt like I was at a festival dancing to the beat of the music with my hula skirt, coco nut shells and a manea (pretty or beautiful) tiare (fragipani type of a pretty flower) in my ear. I could hear the strong mighty voice of my family cheering for me with lots pride.

Then suddenly something had caught the tip of my nose so, I follow the tracks of that smell and it led me to Nana's mammoth house which was down the road and she was cooking my favourite... poke (traditional banana or cabbon bread pudding).

When I entered Nana’s house I felt the smoothness of her tall bright green walls. She saw me with happiness as if she had won the lotto so I gave her a big hug and when I did it felt like a big blanket full of love had reached over me. I felt like a really special person who was loved.

The poke was now ready and when I took spoon full of poke it was as if I was in Heaven. It tasted so wonderfully cooked I wanted to have more. But it was now time for me to go, so I touched Nana’s pretty young face once more and left her with all my love.

Have you guessed what my beautiful place was? Well anyway it was Rarotonga which is one of the 15 islands in the country Cook Islands. This is my beautiful place and I will aways treasure my special time that I had there in my heart, soul and mind.