Friday, 27 July 2012

Tamaki Primary Academy Awards 2012

Gazing down from the plain classroom window, all I could see was a spectacular scene of  children dressed like millionaires. As if they were going to a formal or a ball. Then the bell rang and we all lined up on the dots.  When we all sat down, I could see all the teachers dressed like beautiful/handsome superstars and the red carpet that laid lifelessly on the rough concrete   leading to the school hall.
Mrs Hansell greeted us all  in an enthusiastic tone. We then  made our way down  to the hall class by class. Now it was finally our turn we all walked down the red carpet with our class, it was cool because it felt like as if we were famous. When entered the hall we all sat down and waited for everybody to be seated. Finally we got welcomed to the Tamaki Primary Academy Awards and started watching all the inspiring movies, that all classes made during the subject of “Movie Magic.”
All the movies were amazing and entertaining to see because it was a time to come together as a school to see all the improvements made and how much we all learnt during “Movie Magic.” When we finished watching all the AWESOME movies it was time for the awards, so each teacher gave awards to their class for script writer, editor, best actor etc.  Everybody took photos with their awards and that was the end of the Tamaki Primary Academy Awards, so our class (room 8) went back to class and got the food prepared for our shared lunch.
Having shared lunch was awesome because it was nice to see us all laughing and reflecting over the day but most importantly seeing that everyone was happy.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Word Web 'Happy'

This is my word web, I have found words that have the same definition as 'Happy'.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jelly Bean Geometry

  • This shape has 8 Vertices, 12 edges and 6 faces. What shape am I?
  • This shape has 8 vertices, 6 edges and 6 faces. What shape am I?
  • This shape has 5 vertices, 6 edges and 6 faces. What shape am I?
  • This shape has 6 Vertices, 6 edges and 5 face. What shape am I?