Friday, 23 November 2012

It Is Good To Save Energy

We can use as much energy as we want but do you notice how much of it we are wasting as every second goes by?

Everyday we all use energy in different types of ways we turn on lights, use cars, do washing etc, but by using all of this we could be looking at a future with no energy left. It will probably cause less damage to our world because at the moment all the greenhouse gases that we are creating like CO2 and methane gas is all getting trapped and is what's making our world more warmer. It is good to save energy because it can help you save more money on paying the power bill. It is also good because it might make you learn from your mistakes in the past and get it right in the future. Did you know that saving energy produces global warming?

Try to turn off the lights or anything else when you’re not using them and make sure that it isn’t on standby because it can still use up energy, block any upper or lower floors so the heat traps in and turn off running taps if you want to save energy. This prevents global warming.

CO2 comes from all that wasted energy that we use day by day which is what warms up the earth, and when the earth warms up and gases get trapped, ice melts and more mammals are becoming extinct. Mammals that live in the ice (Antarctica) will eventually have less ice to live on as the ice melts, and pacific islands will have less land too because of the rising sea levels. In the past our elders/ancestors used to walk to school, work or wherever they wanted to, they washed clothes by hand, played outside and didn’t use as much energy as we do now. Sometimes it makes me think and say why can’t we still do that today?Was it better in the past?Why do we have to use so much power?

So remember saving energy is a good thing which will help our future be sustainable. Remember that it is only YOU that can make that difference.  

By Faith and Alison