Friday, 30 September 2011

My Interesting Information Report About Ireland.

Did you know that the capital city of Ireland is Dublin? The city Dublin was found by the Vikings.

In Ireland they eat many delicious foods such as roast beef , turkey or chicken on new years eve and many interesting foods such as potato pancakes and soda bread. YUM!!!
Are you aware that Ireland had a Potato famine?

If many of you don’t already know, Brian O’ Driscoll is the captain of the Ireland rugby team and his wife is the queen’s granddaughter. Another famous Irish person that I found out about is Justin Mc Cartney and he is really a good book writer.

In Ireland they celebrate many fun days throughout the year like Girls Night Out on the 6th of January, St Patricks day, Irish dancing and the best of them all is Hold a Leprechaun treasure hunt day.

Finally the last piece of my information that I have for you is that a four leaf clover brings good luck, faith, love and good friendship to their finders.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Using Google Maps

This is a map of where all the Rugby World Cup games have been held. I have mad this map using something on my Google account called Google Maps, these blue pins are where the rugby stadiums are in New Zealand.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Discribing Piri Weepu

It was windy as I looked out from the stadium to see Piri Weepu...
Shouting ferociously “Ka Mate te, Ka Mate Te!” he was as loud as a lion leading the haka like a warrior. “Blaahh!” He yelled rapidly doing the pukana with lots of might and strength showing the other team what kind of a mighty leader he was.

Finally it was now time to start the opening game of 2011 Rugby World Cup. The referee had now blown the whistle that had always started the first game of every 1st opening game of the Rugby World Cup. Mr Piri Weepu’s time to shine like the brightest star in the sky was now here and he ran like a car at 100 meters as if his daughter was about to jump off a reef with a white bright ball in his strong thick hands heading for the try line. “Yeah!” I scream, “Look! He is defending himself now!” 5 steps to go. “Yeeey!, Yea! ” the crowed screams with the most excitement I’ve ever seen. Over the loud roaring speakers I hear “The wonderful number 9, all mighty, the one and only Mr. Piri Weepu has scored us a try!”

As I saw his bright face light up he then waved his arms with a Maori patterned Ta Moko on his right side of his arm like he it was his birthday that is always celebrated every year on 7th of September. He looked liked he wanted to shoot a hoop like he used to when he played for the under 21 netball team.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

As I drove into the airport, I saw thousands of people standing in the hot blazing sun, dressed up in bright red and white clothes waving the Tongan flag and cheering “Cheer-hoo!” As if they had already won their rugby game against the All Blacks.

Then it was just about time when the mighty Tongan team came out dressed in their ta’ovala. The crowd was screaming even louder with alot more rugby fever as the Tongan team preformed a mighty haka tau because they were so glad to meet and see their team.

After that, they went and said Malo e lelei to all of their loved and proud families that came and took the time off work and came out of school just to see them. Now was the to leave and when we left the airport there were even more people standing on the road and waving there flags saying “GO TONGA, YEA!”

Now I would like to wish the Tongan rugby team good luck for all of their Rugby World Cup