Tuesday, 6 September 2011

As I drove into the airport, I saw thousands of people standing in the hot blazing sun, dressed up in bright red and white clothes waving the Tongan flag and cheering “Cheer-hoo!” As if they had already won their rugby game against the All Blacks.

Then it was just about time when the mighty Tongan team came out dressed in their ta’ovala. The crowd was screaming even louder with alot more rugby fever as the Tongan team preformed a mighty haka tau because they were so glad to meet and see their team.

After that, they went and said Malo e lelei to all of their loved and proud families that came and took the time off work and came out of school just to see them. Now was the to leave and when we left the airport there were even more people standing on the road and waving there flags saying “GO TONGA, YEA!”

Now I would like to wish the Tongan rugby team good luck for all of their Rugby World Cup

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  1. Great writing Girls keep it up.

    I love your writing and I can tell you were thinking so hard.